Book presentation with Christina Lamb - Instytut Pileckiego

25.10.2022 (Tue) 18:00

Book presentation with Christina Lamb

"Our bodies their battlefield"

Book presentation to take place on 25.10, 18:30 at the Pilecki Institute in Berlin: Dr. Olha Mukha and Christina Lamb will present the German version of her book “Our bodies their battlefield” (hard copies will be available for purchase)

25.10, 18:30 | Pariser Platz 4A, 10117 Berlin | Register here:

Christina Lamb, the award-winning war reporter and co-author of I am Malala, has worked in war zones for over thirty years. In the book “Our bodies their battlefield”, she gives voice to women who share their experiences of war and life in conflict zones. Christina Lamb´s analysis reveals the various equally cruel motifs behind using rape as a weapon: it serves to humiliate, oppress and carry out ethnic cleansing. From Southeast Asia where comfort women were enslaved by the Japanese during World War Two to the Rwandan genocide, when an estimated quarter of a million women were raped, to the Yazidi women and children of today who witnessed the mass murder of their families before being enslaved by ISIS. Lamb not only gives these women a voice, but also empowers them and makes them heard by showing their bravery, resistance and by documenting their fight for justice: Whether it be Bosnian women, who have hunted down more than a hundred war criminals, an Aleppo beekeeper rescuing Yazidis, or a Congolese doctor who has risked his life to treat more rape victims than anyone else on earth, these stories deserve to be widely shared and ought to inspire all of us.

Christina Lamb
Dr. Olha Mukha

Moderator: Dr. Olha Mukha - culture manager, philosopher, researcher, and analyst. Starting in 2018 Olha Mukha has been working for the Central office of PEN International in London. As a Head of the Educational and International Department of “Territory of Terror” Museum, she was a curator of the "Lost Childhood" project on Oral History and developed the structure of the web platform and representation strategy, including branding and exhibitions. Previously experienced in narrative research on Crimea refugees and deported people, also curated a number of art and historian projects with a focus on perception and fair representation.