Augmented reality - Instytut Pileckiego

“Augmented reality”! The sudden closure of museums, theaters and cinemas, as well as the cancelation of concerts and writers’ meetings, have left cultural workers, researchers and teachers with many questions about how to continue their active work despite the restrictions imposed on them, and have forced them to search for new solutions. These restrictions not only affect the reception of their work, but force us to reorganize previously established norms. Ideas for a digital leap into the future are multiplying.

Inspired by the flood of online initiative like virtual orchestras, social media challenges, Instagram residencies, streaming concerts, online festivals, long-distance debates and webinars, we wanted the project to find, create and develop activities that have the potential to connect people who want to tell stories about our present, past and future. We sought activities that facilitated access to culture and allowed for the observation, recording and presentation of socially significant situations, issues and behaviours, inspiring togetherness and joint action despite the restrictions introduced by the pandemic.