Der Neue Mensch - Instytut Pileckiego

At the beginning of the 20th century, human beings, in the grip of industrialisation and social change, seemed in need of a renewal both in Europe and across the various political camps. Conceptions of the contemporary human took on specific forms depending on ideological structure. What they had in common, however, was that they had a programmatic effect in implementing the metamorphosis of the human, either in a reformatory way or by revolutionary means. The conatus for the future and the New Man made the most diverse political movements genuinely modern. Even restorative and reactionary movements conjured up an image of renewal with their efforts to reinstate a past remembered as grandiose.

This series of lectures is dedicated to the various political, social, design and architectural experiments of the 20th century, highlighting their visionary and idealistic aspects, as well as their dark sides. Through lectures and discussions, we want to consider phenomena such as housing estate construction, standardisation and regulation strategies of everyday life, as well as various biopolitical approaches. Based on these phenomena, we also want to ask questions about the alienation of utopia for the New Man, and its dystopian potential.